I’ve just started a training course about LInkedIn. I’ve never really got LinkedIn, but I’m hoping to improve the way I use it to make contacts and generate more business for my video production company and animation studio. I’m also hoping to find opportunities for my CV workshops.

The course is with Really LinkedIn, and cost £395. “Woah”, I can hear many freelancers say, “that’s a huge amount.” Well, it’s not pocket money prices. But if you don’t train and learn, and have an environment where you can ask dumb questions and get smart answers, how are you going to do anything other than Business as Usual?

I would recommend you set aside a sum of money that has to be spent every year on training or conferences or events. It’s not to be spent on anything else. If you really want an incentive to spend it, agree with yourself that if you haven’t invested in training by the end of the year, you’ll give it to a charity or political party you disagree with. Now that creates incentive!

There are always things to learn in this ever changing world of ours. And as well as learning, you can make new contacts at training sessions. I went on an Arri training course a few years ago, and one of the camera people I met there I’ve employed three or four days a year ever since. So he returned his investment simply by meeting me, let alone the increase in the skills he picked up on the course.

So take a deep breath, take an imaginary £500 out of the hole in the wall, then start looking at places like Hot Courses, the City Lit or SkillSet on how to fritter it away!