When applying for positions in a competitive job market it is always very hard to get the genuine feedback required to improve one’s chances. Through cv4.tv, I got exactly the pointers needed to update and present my skills through my CV to do myself justice and as a result have had two interviews for very interesting positions.”

Comment by C. F., Producer

Cv4.tv is a fantastic kick up the **** to get your CV into shape. Gavin takes you through his ideas step by step, giving you invaluable advice on what works, what doesn’t, and how to create a stand out CV that will get you the job. If you know your CV usually gets binned – this course is a must!”

Comment by Emma, Director

Freelancers like you are always telling me how hard it is to find work. How hard it is to get their CV noticed. How rarely we then get interviews.

Imagine sending a CV that producers read easily and quickly. Hearing the phone ring with another interview request. Planning how to fit another week’s work into your schedule.

As a Producer, I was tired of reading CV after CV where people were making the same key mistakes that would mean I actually knew nothing about them – or worse still, I was put off reading them halfway through. Too often it’s just that the applicant hasn’t expressed their skills and experience in the right way, or with enough clarity. If this sounds familiar, it really doesn’t have to be that way.

So I decided to set up a workshop to help people rethink the way they wrote their CVs. With my recruitment experience, backed up by industry research, I’ve developed a straight forward programme with lots of easily actionable tips to help you be in that top 10% of applicants who are getting interviews, winning more jobs and making more contacts, all of which help them get more work!

  • Discover how to get to the interviews stage easier by simply avoiding employer’s pet hates about applications
  • Learn the best ways to attract employers to your CV – regardless of what kind of TV programme you make – or want to make!
  • Develop simple marketing techniques to create a simple to execute strategy for finding work
  • Learn the secret to writing copy that gets employers eager to meet you

Spend just two hours with us at the next cv4.tv session and we’ll give you the tools and strategies to keep employers responding to your CV for the rest of your Career.

What qualifies me to be called an ‘industry expert’ in recruitment issues? Well, I have over 15 years of experience in all sides of the media, from feature films to broadcast television to corporate. I’ve also written for magazines, websites, adverts and contributed to books, so I know a thing or two about copy. I’ve been through periods of unemployment, and pulled myself out of them and now run Napoleon Creative, my own production company and animation studio. I’ve been recruiting freelance talent (and there is a lot of talent out there) for 10 years. Over the years, I’ve heard the same issues raised by freelancers again and again.


If only I could talk to an employer I’m sure I’d get more work

“I’ve signed up to Production Base, Mandy and Shooting People. I email CVs and fill in forms online, but I never get the chance to speak to people. If I could just talk to someone in person…”

The internet has made applying for jobs desperately impersonal. It can feel like you’re sending your CV into the abyss, with no chance to interact with a human being about your application! However, having a proven copywriting technique that can give your CV a voice that is genuinely yours, leaves them feeling they know exactly what experience you have, and what you’re like to work with. All on just two sides of A4!

I’ve done loads of jobs over the years but I still don’t get consistent work

“I’ve got a load of great credits and they’re all down on my CV. I try and stay in touch with the contacts I’ve made, but they move about, change jobs. And I just don’t seem to be able to keep  getting enough work in.”

As your experience grows, you often find you become niched, so you only get employed to work on a particular style of show or subject area. We can train you to understand what your niche is, and create two CVs, one where you’re showing off your niche when applying for a relevant job in that area comes available, and the other to underplay your niche and cross sell your transferable skills when a very different project comes up. No matter how much work you’ve done, you’ve got to have a strategy for getting new work; At cv4.tv we can help you develop a networking strategy for staying ‘top of mind’ when employers are recruiting by having a strong message, followed up with a great CV.

People just don’t want to pay me for my first job

“I keep asking Production Companies for work, but none want to pay me for the work I know I can do.”

With so many people wanting to work in the industry, it can be hard to break out of the rut of doing Work Experience that doesn’t turn into full time work. Also, young entrants going into the industry often don’t realise what experiences they’re actually getting in the job! At cv4.tv we teach you how to develop your CV to show the skills and experiences you’ve developed during your work experience, in a mature and confident way that employers will respond to.

I’m feeling confused by all the conflicting advice

“My lecturer at Uni taught me to write my CV one way. My family read through it and think it’s great. Then work mates at the jobs I’ve had say I need to change it. I’m feeling confused by all the conflicting advice”

The key person to listen to is the Producer or Production Manager, since they’re the ones that will be hiring you. However, they’re very unlikely to take your call so you can ask them what they want to read in a CV. When you attend a cv4.tv session it’s like hearing what 50 employers say in a short two hours session. Get the real inside take on CVs from the people who count – the ones who sign the contacts!

I’m creative, I don’t want to get into all this Marketing stuff

“I chose this career because I wanted to be creative in the work I do. I don’t want to have to sell or market anything, least of all myself”

If you’re not selling yourself, you’re going to lose out. And remember, all programmes are made with a business mind set. Each programme must attract viewers or advertisers (or both!). So starting to think about how to sell your creative skills is integral to getting jobs.

Gavin helped me get some valuable perspective on my achievements and highlight my skills in a concise, direct way. His insights have really helped me focus on my strengths and given me more confidence to approach potential employers. Our small group had diverse skills and experience, but with Gavin’s straightforward guidance we also learnt a lot from each other.

Comment by Rachel, Writer

Here’s what you’ll learn from Gavin at this great session

Before the Event

Part 1: Qualification

The first step is to send us your CV as we pre-qualify all attendees. If you’re in that Top 10% who are getting it right already, we’re not going to suggest you take the course. If your CV is in that 90% that don’t work hard enough to sell your skills, we’ll suggest you take the course.

At the Event

Part 2: cv4.tv

You will be talked through what a production manager or producer is looking for in a CV. You’ll learn how to grab their attention by how you present your key skills, what personal information you need to give (and what you don’t) and how to make the most of your programme credits to get you on the interview shortlist.

Part 3: Review your CV

In the second half, the group will look through each attendees’ CV to see how they can be improved.

After the Event

Part 4: Revamp your CV

This is the tough bit, where you need to put in the work! After the session, spend the next few days digesting what you’ve learnt. Then sit down and start reworking your CV with our suggestions in mind, and submit it to us for another review.

Part 5: Further Comments

We’ll go through your new CV and offer more suggestions, so your CV is really working hard for you.

Why so many crew are raving about cv4.tv

Every attendee is Pre-Qualified for the Event.

We pre-qualify everyone who applies, only confirming your place if we feel your CV is in that 90% that doesn’t work hard enough to sell your services. So you know before you book that you’ll learn a lot from the session.

CV4.tv lets you take away practical and real-world advice which you can put to use straight away.

You’ll be jotting down notes throughout the session and there are likely to be more than a few light bulb moments by the time you leave.

We don’t write your CV for you. We teach you to write a great CV for yourself!

TV Crew Cvs are constantly changing as people can get through 8-10 jobs a year. If we just wrote your CV for you, you’d have to come back to us again and again. So this course teaches you how to rework your CV every time you need to look for work. You can write a great CV, you just don’t know how to yet!

Cv4.tv is not a large conference where you’ll be just one face in the crowd.

There are no more than 10 places on each course, so you will get to talk to all the other people who are attending. You’ll see that other people are making the same mistakes as you, then how to correct them. You’ll feel comfortable asking questions and believe it or not, what you might think are problems very specific to your career are actually relevant to everyone else’s.

You get what you pay for

Because cv4.tv is not a free or ‘a cinema ticket’ priced event you can be assured that you are in good company. The people who attend our sessions are those who really value investing in their career and are serious about their future in Television. We never get those who’d just like a cool sounding job, but aren’t motivated to actually find one, and tend to drift into a job in another industry. And the other attendees might not seem like they can get you a job right now, but developing long term contacts with other industry professionals is the key to staying in work.

What this means for you is that when you decide to book a place at a cv4.tv session you can be assured you are going to get straight-forward guidance on how to communicate your skills to your potential employer.

Thanks so much again for the great workshop. I’m very glad i found it. It’s really helped me to bring out my strengths and experience and present it on the page for someone to easily take in and comprehend. I was surprised by all my experience!”

Comment by Jody, Editor

So where is the session?

The session takes place in the meeting room at Napoleon Creative, my Production Company and Animation Studio. We’re based five minute’s walk from Old Street tube station.